Types of Body Art Applications

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Jagua is the trade name for the skin dying gel made from the rainforest fruit Genipa Americana. Jagua creates a blue/black realistic yet temporary tattoo. For more in-depth information about the Genipa Americana, see the following link. ( www.freshjagua.com )

Jagua is tricky gel to apply leaves no room for mistake. It smells fabulous! It is great alternative for those who love the black stain but not the toxic chemicals 'black henna' produces. The only allergy I would be cautious about is strawberries or any type of berry. It first appears as a gel and removed with soapy running water. After removal it is very faint almost unnoticeable on the skin, however no need to panic. The stain develops after 12 hours and deepens in 48. On more pigmented skin tones the stain is darker black on less pigmented skin tones it appears blue/black.

For bookings please book keeping the stain process in mind. I suggest 1-2 days prior to an event.

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Henna is an Arabic word for the process of applying a paste made from the ground leaves of a woody shrub that thrives in hot, dry climates. Its Latin name is Lawsonia Inermis, and it is also referred to as Mehndi.

The paste when applied to skin stains darker if left on for 4-6 hours. Best results happen overnight if henna is sealed properly. The stain is more prominent on palms and soles of the feet because the skin is thicker. Once removed it should be a bright orange stain and in 12 hours become a deep red and by 48 a nice maroon colour.

For bookings please book keeping the stain process in mind. I suggest 2-3 days before an event.

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White henna is a FDA approved body adhesive combined with white body pigment. These adhesives are also used by professional makeup artists to attach prosthetics for special effects.

White henna is a temporary and appears raised on the skin. It does not stain the skin like Henna and Jagua. It's a wonderful contrast on all skin tones. For best results, it adheres better on the body rather then hands and feet.

For booking for hands and feet same day is the best result. With absolute care it could last 2-3 days.

Prices vary based on intricacy, amount of product used and time.