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Let me create the craft I treasure, for your event or compliment your bridal look! Provide me some details and we shall see each other soon, yea.



with love


Hi bride to be ! I’m glad you stumbled on my site for your bridal needs. Brides hold a special place in my part due to the sheer fact you trust and would like me to adorn you on your special day. To allow me to create the art I treasure on to your glowing skin means the world to me. For bridal prices it does vary , however for a standard double sided, both hands, medium intricacy up - to mid forearm would be $200 CAD for example. If you provide me more details by clicking inquire below, I shall get back to you with an accurate quote.



Personal, Family, Corporate, Community Etc..


Who wouldn’t want their favourite henna artist at their event? Meeting and creating at events is the best way to connect. I sometimes even get the honour to be the first person to create body art on a person, very special moment for me. If you would like me to create for your event, click inquire below. A couple conditions the group must be above 10 people, for example for a personal party minimum two hours casual application (not set number of people) and one type of henna also without travel would be $200 CAD. If you provide me accurate details, I’ll be able to generate a quote suited to your event.

Disclaimer due to capacity, I will not be able to accept personal one-on-one appointments. If it’s a special case, I’m willing to let you know if you head over to my contact info in my bio. Prices vary based on intricacy, travel, capacity & amount of product used. Thank - you !