How to Mix Henna Paste


Mixing Henna Powder is easier than it seems! I had a hard time learning the 'just right' recipe, so I thought I should share my recipe to make it easier for you. Modify it, to make it your own!

What you need:

  • Henna Powder (Triple Sifted Henna powder, finer the powder the less clumps in your cone)
  • Pure Essential Oil ( My fav's in this order, lavender and eucalyptus)
  • Water ( Tap water is fine , other options; lemon juice, rose water etc..)
  • Sugar ( depends on the climate you live in, higher humidity less sugar so the paste isn't runny)
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons
  • Bowl & Spatula ( Optional Whisk for mixing after dye-release)
  • Strainer (Optional for if you want to double make sure that your henna powder is truly fine, if you would like to skip this step that's A-OK)

Now its time for the mixing! Add 1 Cup of Henna Powder to the bowl along with 30ml of pure essential oil and 1 Tbsp of sugar. I add 1 Tbsp of sugar because I live in Toronto and summer could get pretty humid, I find this ratio works for me for a less runny paste. Mix this all in the bowl with a spatula. Once mixed, I add 1/2 cup of tap water and 1/2 cup of lemon juice. You could add just a full cup of tap water and eliminate the lemon juice, I prefer it this way. Mix in the water/lemon juice with your spatula and then set aside for the dye-release process. It should look similar to the deep green image above it doesn't have to be smooth until after it dye-release's. I saran wrap the bowl or seal it so the paste does not dry out during this process. Hope this helps , leave any questions down below!

My next blog post will feature; how to know when dye-release is completed, how to sift and cone and more !

Later days.